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The Pilot Studio is your destination for pilot training in Puerto Rico.
Our passion is to guide future aviators to the skies with quality education and hands-on experience.


The Pilot Studio’s DEMO Flights are the perfect way to take your first steps into the exciting world of aviation, and no prior experience is needed!
Picture yourself taking off and flying in a real aircraft with the guidance of highly qualified instructors. Discover the fundamentals of aviation in a safe and friendly environment as you explore the skies and feel the thrill of being in control.
Our DEMO Flights offer an exciting and educational introduction for aviation enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts.


Exceptional flight training.
From beginner to expert, we elevate your skills to conquer the skies.

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Rent your own sky. Our fleet is ready to take you to new heights.Your adventure starts here!

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In-Person & Online Training

Customized training, in person or online. We adapt learning to your lifestyle and objectives.

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Naihara Bemik

Flight Instructor

Brandon Martínez

General Manager

Andrea Vélez

Assistant GM

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